Longo - used car's dealer no.1 in the Baltics

Looking for a used car? We got you covered.

We know that purchasing a used car can be an ambiguous game. But not with us.

Longo Group is the leading used car’s retailer in the Baltic’s present in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn established in 2018. We bring the new meaning to the Baltic used car’s industry by providing a fully transparent, reliable and world class used car’s purchase experience via both online and brick & mortar channels.

We understand that when purchasing a used car, customers want an honest and trustworthy experience. They want to know where the car comes from, what is its history and mileage. They want to know its story. And we can provide that. Being a fully vertically integrated company we carefully select and source our cars in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Before sales our professional team thoroughly check, repair and clean the cars in our own car preparation facilities.

At Longo, we value transparency, reliability, and a thoroughly professional approach in everything we do.

First choice

We are your first choice as we are the used car’s dealer No.1 in the Baltic’s.  Our inventory includes more than 1000 cars – carefully selected, tested, repaired and ready to drive. Our wide assortment of cars (which we are constantly expanding as well) is waiting for you to embark in new adventures far and near.

Transparency in every step

We are aware of all the bias related to used cars – undisclosed mileage, hiding of other perks or technical specifics of the car, blank spots in the history of car. AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT THAT, as it unjustifiably undermines the reputation of used cars industry. Because a used car can also be a valuable, rewarding purchase and serve you for many years to come.  Therefore we provide cars that are professionally selected and purchased in-house. Cars with 100% proven true mileage and full ownership history.

Safe purchasing experience

When shopping for a car we want you to enjoy your shopping experience. Shop with comfort, putting all your doubts aside. We want to make your shopping experience as fun and pleasant as possible. How to achieve that? Of course, with the best in class customer service –safe and reliable with real warranty 2 month or 3000km.  We are happy to see that our efforts have helped boost public trust towards sellers of used cars and increase not only our reputation but the reputation of the entire sector in general.

“Great service!”
“Very good and nice employees!”
“Always smiling employees!”
“Patient people, answered all my questions with understanding!”
“Knowledgeable employees, always ready to provide solutions!”

These are just some of the customer reviews you can find about Longo on Google or Facebook. High customer satisfaction and positive feedback is our main driving force. And we don’t want to stop there. Choose Your next car at www.longo.lv

Longo piedāvā 30 auto markas, kopā 875 dažādus auto